Why Choose Numitor?

With a Proof-of-Stake model, holders can create new tokens through staking.

Numitor’s purpose is to bring value to DeFi through pairs and liquidity mining. Finding holders to provide liquidity to this token, to bring more value to every cryptocurrency available. Liquidity provision is extremely important in DeFi, with all of the AMMs (Automated Market Makers) becoming available in recent years. Numitor’s native token $NUMI will power the NumiWallet (set to release in 2023). The NumiWallet is unique by nature, giving rewards to users via connecting wallet weekly, transactions, and just holding $NUMI.

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What is $NUMI?

Spinning Numi Token

Numitor Ecosystem is powered by its native Numitor ($NUMI) utility and governance token. $NUMI will be the preferred mode of value exchange within the ecosystem, and it can be used to pay for access to products and services that are part of Numitor Network. Holding and staking $NUMI earns special privileges to tokenholders, which includes staking rewards, voting rights, discounted fees and more.

Initially, $NUMI will be an BRC20 standard token compatible with all EVM supported blockchains. To begin with, $NUMI will be made available on Bitgert Chain, which will be expanded to support all the partner blockchain protocols. A few prominent blockchains to follow include Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Cardano, Polygon and Avalanche.

Main Features

Instant Operations
Protects Identity
Global System & Secure
No Transaction Fees
Without Blockchain Fluctuations

Roadmap 2022 / 2023

Our Strategy and Project Plan

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 1,000,000

Token Distribution Graph

35% Pre-Sale

Numitor will be offering tokens to pre-sale buyers at a discounted price.

24.5% Initial Liquidity

These tokens are allocated for the initial liquidity upon launch. This will give value directly back to Numitor.

15% Bitgert Advisers

Emergency holdings.

12% Liquidity Mining

These are the tokens allocated to the non-mintable mines as well. To get them started.

7% Cross-Chain Liquidity

A project is only as successful as its bridge. These tokens are for the initial liquidity on various platforms.

5% Team

A small, but much needed amount for the team. This can be used in multiple ways for the team to progress.

1.5% Airdrops

This will give new and old investors events to look forward to.

The Team

Meet Our Team of Professionals

Remus Team Member Icon

Remus is no stranger to the public eye. He has a passion for crypto as a whole, and creating a currency is something he has been striving for since he started investing. He holds DeFi to the highest standards which is why he is trying to bring value to the crypto space. These are the reasons he is the perfect candidate for operating a DeFi application.

Romulus Team Member Icon

Romulus being the extreme DeFi enthusiast he is, has sought after creating value in the cryptospace. With a history of cryptocurrency start-ups, smart contract development, and DApp creation, he hopes to bring all of his best work to Numitor. His unhealthy obsession with crypto and perfection makes him the perfect candidate for operating a DeFi application.


We Collaborate With the Best

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Creating a Bridged Token

The Problem

Liquidity provision among networks is difficult and too individualized. New projects are pulling liquidity away from crypto and causing people to lose interest in DeFi. NumiWallet will allow all users to provide liquidity and stake those tokens for an interest locking value into cryptocurrency as a whole.

The Solution

NumiWallet will create a bridged token compatible with pairing all other coins/tokens.

The Benefits

NumiWallet will be the only place to mint new Numitor and be able to pair with other assets among a magnitude of networks all in one place. Users will also benefit by receiving rewards just by connecting their wallets and making transactions.

The Rewards

Holders and users will receive a sub-token as a reward which can be used for special benefits within the NumiWallet. Holders of the sub-tokens can accumulate tiers to benefit Numitor holders, ultimately bringing more value to the Numitor system. These users will enjoy reduced transaction fees, higher % APR in staking rewards, and the benefit of purchasing special NFTs in NumiWallet.

Proletariat Reward Tier


Sub-Token Holdings


Transaction Fees


Single Token Staking Boost

25% APR

Equestrian Reward Tier


Sub-Token Holdings


Transaction Fees


Single Token Staking Boost

75% APR


Sub-Token Holdings


Transaction Fees


Single Token Staking Boost

100% APR

NumiWallet App


NumiWallet Phone App Coming Soon
Personal Wallet

Sign in with fingerprint or Face ID to access wallet.

Mint Numitor
The one and only app to mint NEW Numitor Tokens.
Receive special rewards based on activity.
Stake Tokens at a generous APR.
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Numitor’s purpose is to bring value to DeFi through pairs and liquidity mining, and finding holders to provide liquidity to this token, to bring more value to every cryptocurrency available.

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